50% Local Food Club

July 24, 2015 News No Comments
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Farmers’ Markets of Nova Scotia Cooperative, is looking for participants who will commit to sourcing at least 50% of their diet from local foods for the month of September. In turn, they (FMNS) will provide a bounty of resources, including recipe and meal planning guides, local food events, listings of places to buy and eat local…

FMNS is also looking for people in the Eastern Shore region and Cumberland County to become a Volunteer Regional Coordinator for September 2015. As a regional coordinator, you will be the on-the-ground facilitator of the 50% Local Food Club by engaging and supporting participants in your community.

Interested in becoming a volunteer follow the link for more info: https://nslocalfoodclub.wordpress.com/regional-coordinators/wanted-volunteer-regional-coordinators/

Interested to participate in the event, register on the 50% local food club website: