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“When you no longer want to eat something tasty, you can taste the real flavour of whatever you are eating. It is easy to lay out the simple food of a natural diet on the dining table, but those who can truly enjoy such a feast are few.”         Masanobu Fukuoka, “The one straw revolution”

As I was wedding the garden today I came upon my beets
since they were too crowded I thinned them
I took the thinnings in
washed them whole
took away any unwanted leaves

in a pan I melted butter
in went the beets

I added a little salt
a little pepper
and covered them up

some of the beets only had a thin root
others showed a growing roundness
all and all it didn’t take long
they were cooked

I served them just like that
roots, leaves, all

we were quite amazed at how tasty they were
we couldn’t get enough
had one serving, then another

sometimes the simplest way is the best
this time of year there is no need to cover up
our local veggies are filled with flavor
steam them, cook them, eat them raw

mind you, if you have any of that vinaigrette kicking around
put it on
it will taste mighty fine too


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