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April 27, 2016 News No Comments
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There has been lots of work over the last couple of months thinking about how we can develop a public engagement process for the announced national food policy and how we can weave these issues into our upcoming national Assembly. How can we ensure that a diversity of voices will be heard, and that we use all the available policy leavers to ensure that our food system is more equitable, more healthy and more sustainable? Food security levels remain unacceptably high, despite some promising developments on the basic income file, as show by the most recent PROOF report. The question of overuse of antibiotics in our meat supply show very clearly how health issues need to be dealt with in concert with agricultural debates in any food policy discussion. We are looking for a more holistic approach to food and in the coming months you will have many opportunities to be involved. Why not share this newsletter with a friend and get more people involved in the food movement? Stay tuned!


High rates of food insecurity have persisted across the provinces and territories that participated in the survey. Food insecurity is a serious public health problem that takes a measurable toll on individual health and well-being, and costs our health care system. [Read More]

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