Food Counts: A Pan-Canadian Sustainable Food Systems Report Card

May 26, 2017 News No Comments

Dear FLEdGE Partners:

The Pan-Canadian Sustainable Food Systems Report Card is now available at: We wanted to share this very exciting news with you ahead of our more public, institutional press release tomorrow morning.

The Pan-Canadian Sustainable Food Systems Report Card helps researchers, policy makers, and practitioners examine sustainable food systems at the national level. The Report Card uses a food sovereignty framework to reimagine food within an integrated systems perspective and makes connections to a global movement focused on food as a means for collective social change.
Pan-Canadian Sustainable Food Systems Report Card Objectives:
  1. To reframe how we understand food as part of integrated and interdependent systems;
  2. To provide a snapshot of the Canadian Food system;
  3. To identify gaps in knowledge to inform future research;
  4. To support food movement organizations and researchers by providing access to relevant food systems data.
The Pan-Canadian Sustainable Food Systems Report Card, as a practical tool for reframing Canadian food systems, acts as a benchmark, identifies gaps in data and where case studies can elaborate on successes and limitations, and informs policy making at all levels of government. The Report Card is a working document and will be updated as new data become available. We invite your comments and feedback as we continue to add to the Report Card.
We hope that you find the Food Counts Report Card useful and we ask that you to share this tool widely through your networks. We’ve also created a #FoodCounts hashtag on Twitter for those of your that might like to share the Report Card through your social media networks. Please direct any questions and comments about the Pan-Canadian Sustainable Food Systems Report Card to Charles Levkoe at or Alison Blay-Palmer at


Amanda Di Battista
FLEdGE Project Coordinator
Centre for Sustainable Food Systems
Wilfrid Laurier University
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NOW AVAILABLE! Food Counts: A Pan-Canadian Sustainable Food Systems Report Card