Forest Funeral Thurs Oct 19, 2017

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Hello Nova Scotia Wild Flora Society
The NSWFS is a Supporting Organization of the Healthy Forest Coalition (HFC).  We are forwarding to you this message from the HFC.  We trust you will consider attending.

As you know, (a) the provincial government is allowing DNR to mismanage Crown Land, especially with rampant forest industry clearcutting to supply wood fiber to pulp mills and biomass burners, and (b) the government has appointed Dr. William Lahey to do an independent inquiry into forest management in NS.

We in HFC have decided a big show of support for a change of direction in how forestry in our province is conducted on both Crown and private lands. To that end, we are planning a public demonstration, a Forest Funeral to be exact; and you are invited to attend the funeral. (See Invitation below.)

If you have any questions, please contact Jamie Simpson (
Richard Beazley, HFC Information Officer


Forest Funeral
1:00, October 19th, 2017
PARADE SQUARE march to PROVINCE HOUSEYou are invited to mourn our forest losses with citizens from across the province.
Please come to pay your respects to the once great Acadian Forest.An ‘open casket’ of tiny ‘logs’ will be followed by a procession of wildlife that have died through drastic losses of habitat.  Pall bearers and forest mourners will walk from Grand Parade Square to the funeral ceremony at Province House.  From there, the bodies will be carried to the very origin of forest mismanagement, the NS DNR office on Hollis Street.

Dress: traditional funeral attire suggested (multi-cultural encouraged).

Schedule of events:
1:00:  Gather at the Grand Parade Square
Assemble for the funeral procession to Province House.
Music and as many people as possible to celebrate the life of the forest and also the great sadness of its passing.  Music or drumming present, a festive environment as we assemble.

* Bring any wildlife (mounted/stuffed) you may have to demonstrate the loss of wildlife
* Bring pickets
* Bring small trees (optional), and tissues, of course

Funeral procession march to Province House.
Led by bag piper(s)
~ ~ ~
Funeral ceremony
Eulogy to the forest: Robert Bancroft.
Various spiritual speakers to wildlife and forest losses.
Mi’kmaq ceremonial practice, song/drumming.

March to DNR Office
(as time permits)

Why a funeral and why now?  The funeral pays homage to the forest resources that Nova Scotia has lost through over-harvesting and rampant clearcutting.  An Independent Forest Review presently taking place must hear of our disapproval and concerns over the massive forest destruction incurred through poor forest management and short-sighted political decisions.  Come and demonstrate your dismay and anger.  The time is now to curb industrial forestry impacts on our lands.