Lambsquarter (Chenopodium album) also known as goosefoot, fat-hen and pigweed

You will find lambsquarter in most garden in fact once you know the plant you may find it just about anywhere. The plant is best when harvested young although leaves can be harvested throughout the growing season. You can use lambsquarter in the same way and dishes you would use spinach.

It is said that lambsquarter is high in oxalic acid (so is spinach) and should be eaten in moderation. Find out more on this topic HERE.

Other interesting fact: lambsquarter is cultivated for consumption in regions of Asia and Africa.
La Finquita greenhouse in Wallace Nova Scotia specializes in wild edible seeds. You can buy some lambsquarter seeds from them!

For more information on lambsquarter look HERE


Recipe: Lambsquarter chicken feta puff (for lack of other name) as seen in the wild dinner video

4 cups of lambsquarter leaves
olive oil
1 cup cooked chicken meat chopped
2/3 cup feta
a bunch of chives and parsley if you wish (dill would be good too)
salt and pepper
1 sheet of puff pastry (more or less 10inch square)

Heat a little oil in a pan and sauté lambsquarter until wilted.
Add all the other ingredients. Taste. Adjust seasoning.
Cut pastry in four. Distribute filling on two squares. Cover with the two remaining squares.
Bake at 375 until dough is puffed and golden. (about 15 minutes)