Seed Webinar March 15th

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Atlantic Canada and Northwest Territories Webinar

Wed March 15 at 12:00 EST

Join us for reports from four unique community-based research cases in Atlantic Canada and the Northwest Territories.


Seed Saving in Atlantic Canada (Seeds of Diversity and partner organizations)

·         Conserving seed resources and related skills/knowledge

·         Preserving endangered local varieties of seed

·         Strong collaboration among seed savers, seed banks and libraries, and local seed companies

·         Contributions to biodiversity, knowledge conservation, social capital and food security


FarmWorks Investment Co-op

·         Investing in local food economy

·         Provincial policies both make community investments possible and pose barriers to local food business

·         Strengthening economic and social sustainability

·         Mentorship and preserving/sharing food and business skills/knowledge


JustUs! Centre for Small Farms

·         Farmer-to-farmer knowledge sharing

·         Preserving and sharing food skills and knowledge

·         Engagement of marginalized groups

·         Urban-rural and global north-south connections

Kakisa, NT

·  Building a community garden

·  Sharing traditional knowledge

·  Fostering Food sharing networks



The webinars are facilitated through Carleton U, using the ‘Big Blue Button’ platform:

(Platform opens at 10:30 am on March 14, webinar starts at 11:00)

(Platform opens at 11:30 am on March 15, webinar starts at 12:00)


Accessing the webinar:

2. Enter your full name

3. Select the room: Big Data and Agriculture

4. As a Viewer please use the password: participant

5. To join the voice bridge for this meeting: click the headset icon in the upper-left (please use a headset to prevent noise).


To join this meeting by phone, dial:

Then enter 29302 as the conference pin number.



Facilitator: Irena Knezevic, Assistant Professor, School of Journalism and Communication, Carleton University

For questions of additional info, please contact

For more details on the project and webinars