Spring salad

June 12, 2015 Recipes No Comments
salad mix

First recipe post on this site, how exciting!
This year I will be working for CFAN mostly to create a series of video,
a couple of them will be about wild edible.
With that in mind I will share today my simple, go to, basic vinaigrette.
My daughter is learning how to cook this summer and she was thrilled this week to finally nail down the vinaigrette.
She’s been making it every day since.

Vinaigrette (aka salad dressing)

3 Tbs olive oil
1 Tbs balsamic vinegar
1 tsp dijon mustard
1 tsp honey
1 clove garlic
salt and pepper

I like to make the dressing in the bowl I will be using for the salad. I only make enough for one bowl. I like it better fresh.

Grate the garlic so it is like a paste (I use a microplane grater).  Add all other ingredients. Mix, mix, it may make an emulsion. Taste.

Tasting is, I think, the most important thing when you cook. Little more of this or that; make adjustment. Also, you don’t have olive oil or balsamic vinegar; use other oil and vinegar. You don’t like honey but love maple syrup. Try that instead as a sweetener.
Have fun.

Alright, so that’s the dressing. Now you can fill your bowl with whatever you wish. Right now you may find lovely little greens in your garden, greenhouse, CSA basket, or at your local farmer’s market. I have loads of kale at the moment in my greenhouse. I left one plant go to seed last year and this spring I found a carpet of it covering one section of the greenhouse. Then I had coriander and dill going crazy with seeds. So to the bowl they go. Also I have been learning a little bit about wild edibles. I am now adding a little bit of “weeds” to my salad. And for that touch of pretty, I like to add those tiny pansies that are growing in my lawn. Chive is flowering, add a little of that too. Dandelion; did you know you can eat every bit of that plant. I’ll try a few young leaves and some petals.

Salad is simple, good for you, beautiful, and tasty. Be creative: eat up!


chive dandelion pansie salad bowl