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I started making sprouts these past few weeks. The garden is pretty much toast except for the kale and parsley which are still holding strong. Fantastic greens those are. I did dig the last of my carrots last week and harvested partly frozen swiss chard (oh why didn’t I do it sooner) but the plan is to still eat fresh and local as much and as late as I can.

So here is a simple way to eat fresh micro greens from your kitchen counter.

You will need one, two, three mason jar (or any glass jar)
One can do but you may want to grow different types of seeds or you may do one kind but start a new batch every few days so you always have fresh greens on hand.
You also need some cheese cloth or some type of screen to put over the opening of the jar.
And some elastics to hold the cloth in place.

One: in a large glass jar soak chosen seeds in cold water for 4 to 8 hours
Two: place cheese cloth over the opening and secure with an elastic
Three: drain water from the jar
Four: place jar on it’s side in a cool place away from direct sunshine
Five: Rinse with fresh water twice a day placing the jar back on it’s side when done
Six: Germination varies depending on the seeds but you should be able to munch on your greens after three to eight days
Seven: don’t forget to rinse them twice a day

Once seeds are germinated to your liking you can store them in your refrigerator to slow down the growing process. Chances are you’ll eat them all pretty quick.

Add them to your sandwiches, salads, wraps, or just snack on them.

You can sprouts all sorts of seeds, here are a few: alfalfa, mustard, radish, mung beans, sunflower seeds, peas…

Have fun!

ps. where do I find seeds to sprout you ask: I believe the Cackling Goose Market in Sackville New Brunswick will have all sorts.

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