The Kale-axy needs you!

March 29, 2017 Events, News No Comments

At 15%, Nova Scotia has one of the highest rates of household food insecurity across Canada. As Guardians of the Kale-Axy, we fight inter-kalactic food insecurity and strive to make the universe a positive food environment where it is easier for people to grow, eat, and sell good, healthy food…and not just kale : )

You can fight inter-kalactic food insecurity:

1. DONATE and help us reach our goal of $10,000!

2. Join the Guardians by running/walking with us in the Bluenose (msg me or sign up at Capes provided! It’s a blast!
3. Share with others



The Our Food Project:

We build leadership for the creation of food assets, like community gardens and cooking programs, which reconnect people to their food and to each other. We work with communities to create innovative solutions to food issues, like the Mobile Food Market, or subsidized farm box programs. We support the development of strong food policies, such as those that ensure healthy and local food options in our schools and community spaces.

In order to continue our quest, the Ecology Action Centre – Our Food Project needs YOUR help! Please join the fight for food!

Yours in the inter-kalactic fight for food,

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