Wysmykal Farm update and CSA 2018

March 22, 2018 News No Comments
Dear Local Vegetable Enthusiasts, Health Conscious Eaters, Community Minded Cooks, Young Families, Veteran Gourmets, and You:

We are pleased to announce that we are well under way for our 8th! fantastic year of organic vegetable growing. We are very excited this year to once again have another chance to participate in the wonderfully simple yet complex task that is growing food.

Some new things we are trying this year are:

Celery – the most challenging vegetable to grow. It requires a lot of fertility and water so we are going to give it some space in our well watered and fertilized greenhouse. Fingers crossed for fantastic celery!

Also, in addition to growing broccolini – a sweeter, more tender form of broccoli – we are trialing a new type of broccoli called Piricicaba, originally from Brazil. It grows similarly to broccolini but fairs better in hot weather. It, too, is reputed to be very tender and delicious.

Another trial we are doing this year is a cherry tomato called ‘Gardener’s Sweetheart’. It is a cross between 2 other popular varieties that was made by a local seed grower, Steph Warr, of Twisted Brook Farm.  And speaking of local seed, we are also planning to grow out some cabbage seed that we grew and saved in 2016. It is a large, pointed type with tender leaves. It should be ready in late August and will make a fine sauerkraut or coleslaw. The variety is called ‘Fildekraut’ and is being sold by Hope Seeds this year. We are also growing seed of ‘Rhumba’ carrot, ‘Atlantic’ broccoli, ‘Fundy’ tomato and an unnamed dwarf type tomato variety.

Some things we are not growing this season, but will include in our deliveries, are strawberries, potatoes, and sweet corn. Our farmer neighbours do a great job at growing these things so we are happy to buy in these special crops.

Sweet potatoes? Not this year. We tried 4 years unsuccessfully so it might be a while before we try them again… but you never know…

We have 2 full time helpers this season – Jess and Monica. They are very keen and we look forward to working with them.

We will continue to grow our 1/4 acre of hops for sale to Andrew Peller Ltd. to be included in their ‘No Boats on Sunday‘ apple cider.

So there you have it! We are ready to go with lots of plans and some enthusiasm. :)

We cordially invite those interested in participating in this year’s veggie box program to sign on up! :)

And finally, but most importantly, we wish to say THANK YOU! to all those who have supported us in our endevour to grow and eat a lot of good, local, healthy food.

Have a great day.

Jessy, Charles, Oliver and Merryn




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